• 2%-4% yield increase to finished product
  • Continuous listeria control
  • Continuous cleaning of product contact surfaces
  • FDA and USDA approved
  • No labeling requirements
  • No sensory perception affects to finished product

Ozone International’s WhiteWater Systems are 100% organic cleaning and sanitizing systems which augment conventional chemical-based sanitation methods with a patented combination of ozone and water that can be used continuously during production.

What does this give you?  Continuous listeria control, enhanced yield, and continuous cleaning.

Tried ozone before?

Ozone has been used as a powerful organic sanitizer for years, but only WhiteWater Systems use ozone and water to not only sanitize but also clean.  If you’ve had experience with ozone in the past and have not been introduced to WhiteWater, it’s time to take a fresh look at Ozone International’s proven solutions.

What are the benefits of using WhiteWater?

1. Continuous listeria control and enhanced yield

To help enhance yield while continuously controlling listeria, WhiteWater can be continuously applied directly onto finished product at the oven discharge, freezer infeed, or freezer discharge.

Automated spray bars are used in this application to apply WhiteWater to finished product as a low-pressure, ozone-infused water rinse or mist.  This low-pressure, ozone-infused water utilizes ozone’s powerful oxidation capabilities to kill pathogens on finished product and thereby serves as a final intervention step to minimize the likelihood that finished product harbors surface pathogens.  This intervention step is particularly important in freezer discharge applications, as in-line freezers are notoriously difficult to keep pathogen free, especially deep in the floors and walls and in the evaporator coils.  It is not unusual for pathogens to get into the cold air stream inside the freezer and then land on product surfaces.


Processors treating their finished product with WhiteWater post-oven have experienced significant reductions in listeria presumptive positives.

In addition to controlling pathogens on finished product, the ozone-infused water can serve as a safe and reliable way to increase product yield.  In oven discharge applications, the ozone-infused water can slightly reduce product surface temperatures, thereby reducing vapor pressure effects and potentially leading to decreased weight loss.  In freezer discharge applications, the ozone-infused water can freeze into a protective shield around finished product.

Processors treating their finished product with WhiteWater at the oven discharge have experienced yield increases of up to 2%.  And processors treating their finished product with WhiteWater at the freezer discharge have experienced yield increases of 2%-4%.  These results are dependent on factors such as water temperature, product surface-to-mass ratio, and product type.

2. Continuous cleaning

To help control pathogens, reduce cross contamination, and control soil buildup, WhiteWater can be continuously applied during production to product contact surfaces such as oven discharge belts, product cooling belts, freezer infeed belts, freezer discharge belts, slicers, dicers, slides, pusher arms, and other automated processing equipment.

Automated spray bars are used in this application to apply WhiteWater to product contact surfaces as a low-pressure, ozone-infused water rinse, and in many cases equipment that relies upon water for operation can be switched to WhiteWater to facilitate continuous cleaning.  This low-pressure, ozone-infused water utilizes ozone’s powerful oxidation capabilities to kill pathogens on product contact surfaces and thereby prevents these pathogens from contaminating product that was otherwise pathogen free.  The same oxidation power that kills pathogens also enables ozone to break the molecular bond between soils and product contact surfaces, making it difficult for soils to adhere to product contact surfaces during production.
With WhiteWater, processing surfaces remain visually clean throughout the day without the rise in pathogen counts typically experienced during production, enabling processors to produce longer without shutting down for sanitation.  Processors using WhiteWater to continuously treat oven discharge belts have experienced dramatic reductions in environmental listeria presumptive positives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ozone approved for post-oven applications?

Ozone is approved by the FDA for direct product contact, and processors are therefore able to apply ozone-infused water to both product and product contact surfaces after the oven heat intervention step.

Should we be concerned about bacteria in the water we’re spraying on product or product contact surfaces?

When ozone is dissolved into cold water at a concentration of 1-3 parts per million, the ozone will kill bacteria in the water in addition to killing bacteria on the product or product contact surfaces onto which the ozone-infused water is applied.

Does using ozone create a need for additional labeling?

Ozone reverts to oxygen as soon as it comes into contact with organic matter, and in the very unlikely event that ozone does not come into contact with organic matter in a processing facility, it will naturally revert to oxygen within minutes.  Water and oxygen are therefore the only byproducts of WhiteWater, and neither water nor oxygen require additional labeling.

We have worked very hard to minimize water in the RTE area post oven so that we minimize the favorable conditions for bacteria growth.  We don’t like the idea of adding water back with this application.

Using ozone will minimize or eliminate the presence of any bacteria on the product contact surfaces where bacteria normally have the opportunity to multiply between intervention steps.  The water that is used in these applications can be collected and piped to drain to keep floors dry, providing insurance against bacteria growth while maintaining dry floor conditions.

Does ozone have any organoleptic effects?

When applied as directed, ozone does not have any organoleptic effects, even in post-oven applications.

Bottom line?

WhiteWater Systems have proven their value to the nation’s largest processors for years, and this value goes well beyond simply cleaning and sanitizing without harmful chemicals.  Our RTE customers have enhanced product yield while simultaneously reducing listeria presumptive positives and maintaining cleaner product contact surfaces during production.

Environmentally-friendly business solutions typically come at a cost and raise overhead expense – WhiteWater Systems are an exception to the rule, offering improved environmental sustainability while providing enhanced product quality and added profitability.  WhiteWater Systems often deliver payback to RTE industry customers in less than one year and provide a six- to seven-figure cost savings over the life of the system.

Ozone International offers customers a full service solution including pre-sale needs assessments, turn-key implementation management, and factory-trained regional service technicians.

Who are our customers?

Ozone International is the leading supplier of ozone systems to the food industry.  Our clients include some of the largest processors and distributors in the world.  References and testimonials are available by request.