Ozone International LLC was founded by Jim and Jon Brandt in March 2003 as a supplier of ozone-based sanitizing equipment. Ozone had been used as a sanitizer for decades, but we discovered that using the traditional stream of low-pressure ozone-infused water in conjunction with a separate stream of high-pressure water enabled ozone to not only sanitize but also clean. And while introducing this DualStream™ cleaning technology to the food processing industry, we also discovered how to use ozone to clean conveyor belts and other product contact surfaces continuously during production. Five years and five US Patents later, Ozone International's WhiteWater Cleaning & Sanitizing Systems are used every day by the nation's largest food processors.

Our track record speaks for itself: our customers have used WhiteWater Systems to increase shelf life by over 60%, continuously control pathogens such as salmonella and listeria, increase production by tens of millions of pounds per year, reduce sanitation time and labor, and eliminate nearly all sanitation chemicals and hot water.