One of nature’s most powerful oxidizers (2nd only to elemental fluorine), ozone has been used as a powerful organic sanitizer for years. Nearly all bottled water is treated with ozone, and many municipal water systems utilize ozone to treat drinking water.

The USDA accepted ozone as safe and suitable for use in the production of meat and poultry products in 2000, and the FDA approved ozone as an antimicrobial agent for food in 2001. At the time, however, ozone was considered to be only a sanitizing agent, and food processing facilities were still forced to rely upon conventional methods such as hot water rinses and harmful chemical degreasers for cleaning. As a result, ozone enjoyed limited commercial success.

Ozone's true potential was realized when we discovered how to not only sanitize but also clean with ozone. By utilizing a high-pressure water stream alongside the traditional low-pressure ozone-infused water stream, our WhiteWater Systems eliminate not only conventional sanitizers such as chlorine but also conventional cleaning methods such as hot water rinses and chemical degreasers.